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The addictive characteristics of powerful pain medications such as oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl and hydrocodone have well been demonstrated in extensive research on the topic. The challenge in the medical field was once access to the necessary medications to effectively manage chronic pain. Now, the challenge is weighing the relief from the pain against the potential for addiction.

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The body produces adrenaline to react to immediate stress. Methamphetamine is the synthetic version of adrenaline, designed for use in the medical treatment of exogenous obesity and ADHD. It appeals to the social drug user for its ability to create power, intensity and euphoria.

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The recent decriminalization of marijuana in Washington state and Colorado has drawn attention to the power of the young voter. Young voters are deeply concerned with personal freedoms. It may be important, however, to spend some time educating younger voters about the inherent dangers of some freedoms – recreational drug use being one of them. Contrary to what many young people may imagine, using some drugs even just occasionally for recreational purposes can pose an immediate threat to the health and life of a person.

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The conversations surrounding safety on the road tend to focus on alcohol consumption and texting. Considerable resources have been poured into educational efforts to keep individuals safe, yet risks associated with less popular substances still exist.

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Superwoman Syndrome and the Abuse of AdderallFor many years women have been told that they can have it all and, believing that is true, have been busy doing what it takes to try and do just that. What women aren’t told as often is that once you have it all, you have to keep up with it all. This frenetic drive to have it all and keep it all going is sometimes referred to as Superwoman Syndrome.

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NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Shows Tough Love as City Cracks Down on Painkiller AddictionNo pain, no gain, says New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he backs an effort to end the city’s abuse of prescription painkillers. Bloomberg recently announced plans to curb the use of many common pain medications throughout 11 area emergency rooms by imposing tough, new restrictions. Bloomberg acknowledges the effort will hit some harder than others but says a little suffering may be necessary in order to achieve the greater good.

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