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Types of Addiction

Understanding Addiction
Types of Addiction

Addiction is a disease and there are several different types of addiction. In order to know if someone is addicted to a substance, it’s important to read all of the signs and symptoms they’re struggling with.

Here are some of the leading types of addictions:


Types of AddictionAlcoholism affects the body both psychologically and physically. When someone is consuming alcohol chronically, they may be dependent on the substance. Alcohol addiction can fall into three categories: alcoholism, dependence, and binge drinking. Chronic alcohol use can lead to harmful, life-threatening circumstances. It’s important to seek professional help for this addiction.

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Cocaine or Crack

This stimulant can lead to harmful effects of a person’s brain, specifically their neurotransmitters. Crack can become both physically and psychologically addictive causing life-threatening symptoms. Seek help for this addiction immediately by a professional.

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Meth addiction, also known as methamphetamine, is another stimulant that’s made up of different chemicals to create an intense, euphoric, high. Withdrawals from meth can be severe, so it’s important to seek professional detoxification if this drug is being used chronically.

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Marijuana usage is one of the top most used illegal drugs in the world. Although withdrawal symptoms are less severe than other drugs, it can still be addictive and cause issues. Health issues and behavioral issues may arise in marijuana smokers.

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Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on the market today. It causes serious life-threatening issues when used chronically. Heroin can be injected when used increasing the risks of other diseases and illnesses when needles are shared. Seek professional help to withdrawal safely from this drug as it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

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Opiates are a substance known to be originated from a poppy plant which contains the substance known as Opium. This drug creates a euphoric high and is normally converted into heroin. However, there are still some who smoke this substance which can create harmful side effects to the body and brain.

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Ecstasy is known as the “club drug” but it is one of the most dangerous drugs that’s readily available on the market. This drug creates an energetic and hallucinogenic sensation commonly found at bars, clubs, concerts, raves, etc. Creating both long-term and short-term side effects, it’s important to seek professional help if someone is using ecstasy chronically.

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Oxi is a drug that’s relatable to crack cocaine. Not much is known about this drug yet besides the fact that it’s more intense than smoking crack. To make it comparable to other drugs, smoking crack is like drinking a beer, and hard alcohol is like smoking oxi. It’s also known as “rust.”

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Professional Help is Necessary for Addiction

In order to safely withdrawal and continue to live a life of sobriety, professional help is highly recommended. By seeking professional help, individuals can learn to live their lives addiction-free by understanding what has triggered their addiction, and how to cope with triggers moving forward. Creating long-term treatment goals and having the support will help individuals safely recover and continue recovery after treatment.

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