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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities

Types of Rehabs

Drug Rehab Facilities
If you are considering drug rehab you are probably looking at many different types of drug rehab facilities. It’s important to know all the various types of rehabs available when making your decision about which type of facility is right for you.

Hospital Drug Rehab Facilities

Many hospitals have addiction treatment facilities on-site, but many of those will largely be handling acute detox and early stabilization. A person might consider a hospital as the best choice for them if they will have a very complex detox due to the number of drugs being concurrently abused.

A hospital rehab may also be the first step if you have ever had life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures. If you have any serious medical issues such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, or head trauma a hospital might be the best type of drug rehab facility for you. Having a full medical team available will ensure you are as safely detoxed as possible.

Most people are not comfortable in a hospital setting for long. It can be cold and clinical, and downright depressing. You are living on a separate ward usually, and it can feel like you are in a psychiatric facility.

A hospital rehab will also have pretty basic treatment options because they are more concerned with medical stabilization.

Large Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities

The larger rehab facilities have over 100 beds. There are a number of well-known large residential drug rehab facilities, such as Hazeldon and Betty Ford Center. These programs give exceptional treatment and are the right choice for many people. They tend to be less expensive than the smaller more exclusive drug rehabs, and many of them are more likely to have insurance contracts, which means better insurance coverage.

Many of these drug rehab facilities are located on large, sprawling campuses with plenty of green space. Male and female dorms may be separate. There is usually one or more large dining halls where all clients eat together.

Nonprofit Drug Rehab Facilities

The nonprofit drug rehab facilities are not necessarily free or even low cost. For example, the Betty Ford Center is a nonprofit drug rehab facility but still costs around $25,000. Another top-notch nonprofit rehab is the Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania.

Free Drug Rehab Facilities

Most free drug rehab facilities are state or county funded and therefore are able to offer low or no-cost treatment to people with few financial resources.

Many of these facilities offer a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.

Some of these facilities give exceptional care to their clients and the fact they cost very little does not impact the value of their treatment. Some examples are high-quality but lower cost drug rehab facilities are Cri-Help in Los Angeles and Phoenix House which is in New York, California, and many other states.

Luxury Drug Rehab Facilities

Luxury drug rehab facilities tend to have fewer clients in treatment at any given time. These rehabs offer traditional forms of treatment in a more exclusive and comfortable environment. They may offer private rooms and suites. They usually include things like massage and acupuncture, and may also include more individual therapy. They will generally have a more home-like feel than larger rehabs.

In California, most of the luxury rehabs are six-bed model drug rehab facilities because the laws in California allow treatment centers to use regular residential homes for care without any specialized zoning requirements. Many luxury drug rehab facilities will have a number of homes clustered in the same area to expand the number of people they can treat at any given time. However, each house will have a maximum of six people, and overall fewer than 50 clients at one time in all the houses.

Luxury drug rehabs tend to be in high-end neighborhoods and often treat celebrities or other high-profile clients. They prefer these drug rehab facilities because they are often more private and located in secluded areas or on gated compounds.

Some luxury drug rehab facilities will be able to accept your insurance to offset the cost, but usually only very good PPO policies that include out-of-network coverage will give you any sort of decent reimbursement. Most people who choose a luxury rehab are not concerned about the cost and are more concerned about their comfort and need for extra privacy due to being a high-profile professional. Attorneys, doctors, and CEOs tend to choose this type of rehab.

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