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Physicians and nurses deal with the reality of illness and death on a daily basis. What is abstract and theoretical to most is a part of normal daily reality for those who work on the front lines in the medical field, and unsurprisingly this can exact a significant psychological toll. Many speculate that the high levels of stress doctors and nurses experience because of their frequent exposure to physical trauma and serious illness could leave those who work in these occupations particularly vulnerable to the lure of mind-altering substances.

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Once again "legal drugs" are making the news, but what exactly is in these substances if people are dying from using them?

According to an article, a young man recently died in Scotland after taking the legal drug, Benzo Fury. Officials caution the practice of mixing alcohol and drugs like this because you do not know the effects of using both of them at the same time.

In addition, Benzo Fury is known to have similar effects as that of ecstasy, but seems to fall under the threshold of being legal because of its chemical makeup. This is the same scenario as many drugs we have heard of lately, such as K2. These drugs seem to brush the line between legal and illegal because of what is in them.

However, laws are getting tougher on these borderline substances and one could anticipate that Benzo Fury would soon fall under the illegal classification.

There are so many unknowns with drugs like these, health officials just do not know their full affects yet. However, if you mix them with alcohol, they know the combination could be deadly.

Any time someone uses a drug that has not been prescribed to them for a medical reason there can be adverse side effects. One would believe that there would soon be laws prohibiting this type of drug use.

The fear of the unknown is often a scary situation. Drugs like Benzo Fury are no different. In this case what you don’t know may end up hurting you, or even worse. However, the more we learn over time could also educate us on even other risky effects.

Cocaine has long been a dangerous, addictive and illegal drug that can produce devastating consequences for its users. The high that comes from cocaine happens when it stimulates the brains neural centers after crossing the blood-brain barrier.

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The number of professional athletes under investigation for illegal use of anabolic steroids is rather long. World-class cyclists, baseball stars, football players and swimmers have all been accused of using the drugs in order to boost their performance and win recognition. There is hardly a sport where their presence has not been intimated. Because the drugs seem ubiquitous on the national and international sports scene, teens may not be aware of just how dangerous the drugs truly are.

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We all have probably been in a situation where we’ve acted impulsively. For a split second, we lose the ability to reason and just succumb to our urges without thinking the situation through. Scientists have long studied the role that impulse behavior plays in perpetuating addictions such as gambling.

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It’s fairly common for users of psychedelic drugs to experience disturbing side effects. What causes someone to see green leprechauns dancing around his feet or bugs crawling on his skin that aren’t really there? Neuroscientists have long been fascinated by how mind-altering drugs change chemistry in the brain, distorting one’s perception of reality.

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Adderall, the drug used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, is an amphetamine that mimics the effects of speed in the body and because of this, it is often abused. The high potential for misuse has created an underground market where those seeking the medication can get it online with little or no restrictions.

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What if we could find a way to help those addicted to drugs and save money at the same time? That would be a solution worth trumpeting. A recent study underwritten by the National Institute of Justice is touting drug courts as just that sort of solution.

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