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Executive Drug Rehab Programs

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Executive Drug Rehab Programs

Although the principles behind executive drug treatment may be based on traditional practices known to be effective, some executive drug rehabs have begun to focus on the specialized needs of high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are either in the spotlight in their profession or who may be under intense scrutiny by stockholders or the like.

CEOs, Vice Presidents, and business owners who are responsible for others’ jobs and livelihood are under intense pressure to perform and deliver. Often it is impossible for these executives to go to a drug rehab and have little or no contact with their company.

Executive Drug Treatment Programs Are More Flexible

An executive drug rehab program understands the exceptional need for privacy, the importance of maintaining connections with their company, and the support needed for other issues that have arisen due to the abuse of alcohol or drugs, such as legal or financial problems.

An executive drug rehab program will often be more flexible in terms of e-mail and phone communication, and will allow scheduling for important calls and meetings.

Because privacy is particularly critical for high-profile executives, many of the drug rehabs specializing in their treatment are in secluded or gated locations. These rehabs often also treat celebrity clientele so they are extremely sensitive to the privacy of each client in treatment.

Executives Respond Better to Inpatient Treatment

Executive Drug RehabExecutives in high-profile or high-powered positions respond extremely well to inpatient treatment, so many corporations will refer their highly valued and highly visible executives to rehabs specializing in this treatment. In some cases, employers may require ongoing monitoring and updates, and drug rehabs that specialize in executive care and help companies develop a plan for effective follow-up and maintenance of sobriety.

The actual treatment program for an executive may not differ much from a traditional treatment program, although many of these rehabs are higher end and therefore offer complementary treatments not available at basic drug rehabs. This might include massages, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, fitness instruction, and alternative therapies that are often too costly for the more basic rehab settings.

Luxury Drug & Alcohol Treatment Options

Executive drug rehabs also tend to be more luxurious and in more expensive neighborhoods, such as the Pacific coast of California around Newport Beach or Malibu.

If you are looking for an executive drug rehab, you will likely want to ensure that they have a high regard for privacy and that you will be in treatment with similar people who will understand your challenges and pressures

The rehab should include physical examination, psychiatric assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, complementary therapies, and family therapy. You will want to work with a treatment program that will develop a contract with the executive in terms of emailing, phone meetings, and critical contact with their company that cannot be missed while in treatment.

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