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Private Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab - Choosing the Right Treatment
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Private Drug Rehab

People choose private drug rehabs because they want to be in an environment that is more like home. A private drug rehab will not be county-funded and will not enroll people who cannot pay for treatment. Generally, private drug rehab is a distinct designation from nonprofit drug rehab, because the latter often has lower pricing, sliding scale fees, and scholarships, whereas the private drug rehab is more likely to require private pay (i.e., the clients pay out of their own pocket).

Private Drug Rehab

Health insurance may partially cover a private drug rehab, but usually these are PPO policies and involve out-of-network benefits. Some of these private rehabs may take the risk on reimbursement, but many will require you to pay up front then will help you process your claim to be reimbursed yourself.

There are a wide range of private drug rehabs, from luxury rehabs in Antigua and Malibu to relaxing locations in the mountains or desert.

The type of people who specifically seek out these types of drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs want to be in an environment that is as close to home as possible – they do not want to be in a hospital-like, highly clinical setting that feels too institutionalized.

They also want to be in may not feel comfortable trying to relate to a heroin addict who lives on the street. A mother addicted to pain killers might not relate to a long-time meth addict who turned to prostitution to support her habit.

High-End Private Drug Rehab Options

Higher-end private drug rehabs will cater to professions that may require an exceptional level of privacy and confidentiality, such as high-level executives, doctors, attorneys, sports figures, and celebrities. Because many of the higher-end private drug rehabs are in very secure locations, these high-profile clients can be assured a higher level of privacy. A private drug rehab that regularly treats this type of clientele will have developed ways to protect their privacy during treatment and will value confidentiality. Because they regularly treat celebrity clients, they have tough confidentiality rules and regular training to ensure no one talks about who is in treatment.

Just because a rehab is private does not mean it meets the standards you would expect. You should also look at licensing and accreditation, the credentials of the staff, reputation, and longevity of the program.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Builds a Foundation for Recovery

If you are chemically dependent and have tried on your own to quit using drugs and alcohol without success, addiction treatment in a private drug rehab can give you a foundation for recovery. The structured program will guide you through the first month of sobriety and help you develop skills and strategies for long-term recovery.

Generally, treatment will include one-on-one therapy, group therapy/process groups, specialized therapies (EMDR, neurofeedback, DBT, CBT), and complementary therapies (yoga, exercise, meditation) to help you develop a well-rounded approach to recovery.

It can be tough to stay sober those first few weeks, especially when you are in the same environment where you drank and used drugs. The private drug rehab environment allows you to avoid the triggers that led to relapse when you tried it on your own while you strengthen your skills to avoid those triggers in the future.

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