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12 Step Programs

Drug Rehab - Choosing the Right Treatment
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12 Step Programs

12 Step Recovery ProgramsMost of the highly respect rehabs include an introduction to 12 step programs, which will serve as support systems when you return home.

There are very few high-quality rehabs that do not include this introduction, and in fact, those that do not do a disservice to their clients. Returning home without a strong support system can mean vulnerability to triggers and old influences. 12-Step programs allow you to have an instant support system when you return home and start your new life in recovery.

Integrated 12 Step Rehab Programs

The way a drug rehab might integrate the 12 step programs is by having in-house meetings, particularly for people in the early days of treatment, and by taking patients to outside meetings in the community, usually done only with those patients who have already completed the first couple of weeks of treatment. Many rehabs believe it is good to do a combination of both in-house and outside meetings to help clients develop an understanding of 12-step groups as well as help them build confidence in being part of the group in the outside world.

12 Step Recovery Programs Provide On-Going Support

There are many treatment practitioners who believe that those who leave rehab but do not find some type of peer support group at home, whether it be a 12 step recovery program like AA or Narcotics Anonymous or a program like Rational Recovery, have a much higher chance of relapsing. The peer group serves as an excellent support system because your fellows in recovery understand your struggles, temptations, triggers, and fears. They know what it’s like to make bad choices even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they will cause you very negative consequences. They understand like no other person can what it’s like to be an addict in recovery.

The Benefits of 12 Step Recovery Programs

12 Step Programs12 step programs will influence your daily life in many ways. By focusing on the traditional values of sobriety and having the support from other addicts, really helps you feel more confident over time. It’s a place where recovering addicts can go and feel comfortable knowing that no one is going to place judgment on them for their past.

Benefits Include:

  • On-Going Support
  • Meet New Friends
  • Positive Influence to Stay Sober
  • Spiritual Connection

Different Types of 12 Step Recovery Programs

There are various 12 step programs out there. Each targeting a different addiction type. The 12 steps was first developed for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and has expanded to many more programs that focus their treatment on these techniques to remain sober.

Types of 12 Step Programs Include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Marijuana Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Nicotine Anonymous
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • Pills Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
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