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Under the Influence of Marijuana

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Under the Influence of Marijuana

Under the Influence of Marijuana

Does driving under the influence of marijuana have the same effect as driving while intoxicated by alcohol? Legislators in Colorado think it does.

An article in the Huffington Post says that Colorado is one step closer to having a driving under the influence of marijuana law. Proponents of the bill say they are concerned that the state will have as big of a problem with pot has it has had with alcohol in the past.

Some opponents say it is hard to measure the effect because pot stays in a person’s system so much longer than alcohol does. A person could still be impaired while driving several hours or even days after smoking marijuana. The body metabolizes alcohol much faster because it is absorbed through your blood stream.

Some say the level of impairment of a person who is drunk is much different than someone who is high on marijuana. Regardless, the point for lawmakers is making sure that the roadways are safe for those who use them.

Depending on what side of the argument you are on, whether you think marijuana should be legalized or not is not necessarily part of this legislation. Some senators believe that those who are using marijuana for medicinal purposes should be off the hook.

If a person who has been prescribed pain pills, they are often told not to drive while taking the medication. Is it possible that this would be the same for someone who is smoking marijuana medicinally?

Alcohol is legal, prescription medications are legal, and if marijuana becomes legal then it may have the same stipulations as any other legal substance. If a person has the right to use a legal substance, then they have to be expected to use it in a responsible way.


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