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TCU Criticized For Downplaying Drug Use by Quarterback Casey Pachall

TCU Criticized For Downplaying Drug Use by Quarterback Casey Pachall

TCU Criticized For Downplaying Drug Use by Quarterback Casey Pachall

Texas Christian University (TCU) is coming under fire after discovering that its star player has been dabbling in marijuana as some accuse the University of turning a blind eye. Quarterback Casey Pachall, who set a new school record last year for passing the ball 2,921 yards, issued a regretful statement to the media taking responsibility for his actions in an incident that occurred earlier in the year.

Back in February, Casey failed a drug test and recently admitted to having smoked marijuana to the Fort Worth police. He also confessed to experimenting with ecstasy and cocaine in times past, but says that was just a one-off and that he hasn’t messed with them since.

Pachall’s confession was in response to reports detailing his earlier indiscretions, released just in time to kick off the new fall season. The news of the quarterback’s apology stirs up old memories of a related incident that also occurred in February this year.

Four of Pachall’s teammates were kicked off of the team after being arrested for charges related to the distribution of marijuana. Interestingly enough, one of the players detained was Tanner Brock, a linebacker who lived with Pachall. While Pachall was questioned regarding the incident, he was eventually cleared.

Gary Patterson, Pachall’s coach, says that the University was aware of Casey’s failed drug test. While Pachall was not suspended, Patterson says that he was still disciplined and that the school has strong policies in place to deal with such issues.

The coach advised that they frequently drug test players, having conducted 25 such tests in the last year-and-a-half. The goal is to help athletes make healthier choices.

As a result of his failed test, Pachall was ordered to undergo drug and alcohol counseling, but Coach Patterson says that just because the university is not taking further disciplinary measures doesn’t mean it condones his actions. In fact, he says that Pachall will have to undergo future testing to ensure his continued adherence to TCU’s anti-drug policy.


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