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Federal Officials to Have Final Word on Rod Blagojevich’s Drug Rehab Entrance

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Federal Officials to Have Final Word on Rod Blagojevich's Drug Rehab Entrance

Federal Officials to Have Final Word on Rod Blagojevich’s Drug Rehab Entrance

Drug rehab could be a focus for ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich when he begins his 14-year prison term soon. Though it hasn’t been stated exactly why, his attorneys have requested that the former governor, who has been sentenced for crimes related to corruption, take part in a drug treatment program during his incarceration.

As posted in recent articles, Judge James Zagel consented in December 2011 to make the recommendation for Blagojevich’s participation in the drug rehab treatment program. Most prison-based rehab programs have specific eligibility criteria, and it is unknown why Blagojevich would meet these criteria.

Formal information about any drug addiction issues for Blagojevich has not been provided, but typically, attendance at a drug rehab program can lessen the prison term for an inmate. Few prisons in the U.S. system offer a drug rehab program, but in those that do offer the service, rehab inmates may live in separate areas and can see a reduced prison sentence. However, federal officials make the final determination of an inmate’s entrance into the drug treatment program.

Decisions on whether or not an inmate is permitted into a federal rehab program are made on several criteria, including historical records of a person’s drug problem. These records can include medical statements or physician notes, which have more authority when collected before an inmate makes a request to enter a rehab program.

Investigations related to drug and alcohol use that are carried out before sentencing are typically included when a judge considers the recommendation for a federally managed inmate drug rehab program. If admitted, Blagojevich could attend the Englewood, Co., residential drug treatment program at Englewood prison, and his program would include educational classes and other initiatives.


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