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Prescription Drug Detox

Prescription Drug Abuse
Prescription Drug Detox

Prescription Drug Detox

Prescription medications serve a very real need whether they are given to help us cope with pain, anxiety, depression or a host of other medical concerns. The trouble comes when these helpful medications are used in ways other than that intended by the prescribing physician. Prolonged use and/or over-use can result in prescription drug dependency, a problem every bit as serious as illicit drug dependency and requiring similar detox treatment.

Detox treatment for prescription drug abuse describes the same process required to treat illicit drug abusers. The body needs to get past the initial shock of being denied a substance which regular use has made it feel that it must have in order to keep functioning. The body also needs a period where it is given the opportunity to rid itself of all the harmful toxins and residues from the drugs in its system. This process can be jarring to the body and many patients fear detox because they are uncertain about the pain and discomfort that denying themselves may bring. Using a prescription drug detox facility can help to allay those fears and make it easier to enter into the first step toward recovery.

Painkillers are the most oft abused prescription drugs, and though they are usually taken in pill form, they are also available as a patch or injection. There are any number of painkillers which are being abused, but the opioid class of painkillers are favored by those using them for non-medical reasons. These opioids produce the ‘float on a cloud’ sensation sought after by those who abuse them. Opioids are most popular, but they are not the only prescription medications being misused today.

The specific withdrawal symptoms that patients can expect will differ depending upon which prescription drugs they have been abusing. For example, Xanax, which depresses the central nervous system will lead to different withdrawal symptoms than would OxyContin which is an opioid painkiller. The most common symptoms experienced include vomiting, irritability, headache and chills. The staff and medical professionals at the prescription drug detox center are well acquainted with just what to expect in each case and are prepared to help make the passage through the withdrawal phase as comfortable as possible.

Dependency is both physical and psychological. Part of the problem with prolonged drug use is that both the body and the mind begin to crave the drugs. Persons who attempt to quit cold turkey on their own may not be prepared to handle the physical, emotional and psychological ramifications of not giving in to what the body and mind demand. The benefit to having a knowledgeable, caring and supportive staff on hand to help you through this difficult first step is hard to overstate.


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