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Functioning Alcoholic, Lindsay Lohan Faces More Drinking Problems

Functioning Alcoholic, Lindsay Lohan Faces More Drinking Problems

Functioning Alcoholic, Lindsay Lohan Faces More Drinking Problems

Not everyone who battles alcoholism appears to be an alcoholic. High functioning alcoholics may give the illusion that they have it all together – they can usually hold down a job and are able to go about their everyday lives while continuing to consume alcohol on the side. But because they are able to be a productive member of society, many in this category struggle to admit they have a problem.

Lindsay Lohan has been touted as a functioning alcoholic, but the troubled actress has certainly had her share of problems. Headlines detailing delinquent behavior and substance abuse seem to follow her wherever she goes. The latest drama places her at a nightclub drinking till the wee hours of the morning – an episode that ended in assault charges for allegedly throwing a punch at another woman, psychic, Tiffany Ava Mitchell. She also faces several charges for a car accident that occurred last June.

Characteristics Of A Functioning Alcoholic

In her book, “Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic,” Sarah Allen Benton, a licensed health counselor, describes some of the characteristics of a functioning alcoholic:

  1. Drinking even in the face of negative consequences
  2. Devoting considerable time to drinking
  3. Denial about one’s condition
  4. Consuming alcohol in a dangerous manner such as while driving

One look at Lohan’s record and it becomes apparent that she checks all the boxes. The actress has faced a number of altercations with the law associated with substance abuse including involvement in a high speed car chase, driving under the influence, driving without a valid license, and possession of cocaine. And despite the threat of jail time, the actress refuses to give up her partying ways. Sources claim that she downs two large bottles of vodka each day.

But Lohan is not alone; according to an article found at AllVoices.com, of the 12 million people living in this country classified as alcoholics, up to a third are considered high functioning. Over time, heavy drinking can lead to heart problems, cancer, nerve damage, and liver disease.


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