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Lasting Recovery Possible with Addiction Treatment

Lasting Recovery Possible with Addiction Treatment

Lasting Recovery Possible with Addiction Treatment

A recent study shows that young adults who have undergone addiction treatment and arrive willing to make personal changes make great strides in recovery with guidance to build and sustain them. Butler Center colleagues explain that they believe a strong motivator for change comes from the camaraderie among young adults who have had severe addictions in treatment together.

Research was conducted on over 300 young adults ranging in age from 18 to 24 going through a multi-disciplinary, residential Twelve-Step program for alcohol and drug treatment. Key areas measured during their treatment were coping skills, motivation, psychological distress and commitment level to small group participation such as AA meetings or Narcotics Anonymous, according to a post on Eureka Alert.

Upon initial treatment, participants showed high motivation levels to stay abstinent but then showed lower coping skills and commitment to peer support groups. Participants also displayed self-efficacy and had improved confidence, which was their strongest indicator in remaining abstinent.

After three months of treatment, motivation levels were definite indicators in predicting abstinence among these young adults. A Hazelden researcher added that the participants in the study were motivated to do well during treatment but later lacked the confidence, commitment to AA and coping skills which are crucial to having long-term success. The research further showed that treatment does work by increasing the participants’ confidence and their ability to commit to and maintain healthy recovery efforts.

The findings showed that self-efficacy was a strong indicator of abstinence and that residential treatment provides the confidence boost the young adults needed to succeed.


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