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Florida Drug Testing Aims to Be First to Test Public Workers

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Florida Drug Testing Aims to Be First to Test Public Workers

Florida Drug Testing Aims to Be First to Test Public Workers

Florida already tests their welfare recipients for alcohol and drug abuse but the state now aims to have state workers undergo random drug testing as well, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

Florida now plans to extend their drug testing measures to its state public workers which will be a first in the U.S. and other states may soon follow suit. The law passed in legislature on March 9th of this year and says that agency heads are now allowed but not required to proceed with random drug testing for up to 10 percent of the workforce. Testing will include such things as illegal drugs, alcohol and prescription drug testing conducted every three months but elected officials are excused from this.

The measure is backed by Republicans and is intended to benefit workers so they can get clean from any drug problems they have and will also protect others from impaired colleagues in the workplace. Florida’s state workers are known for having more substance abuse issues than workers in other U.S. states. The new drug testing law appears to be an increasing trend which will help raise accountability for a vast range of people who receive taxpayer monies whether public employees, jobless people or welfare recipients.

Analysts say drug testing is a win for the political scene even though some measures might be stretching the U.S. Constitutions’ protection from "unreasonable search and seizure".

A February poll of Virginia voters shows that this type of legislation has support from the public with 3 out of 4 respondents showing support of drug testing for those who receive state assistance.


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