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Drugs More Deadly Than Car Crashes

Addictive Drugs
Drugs More Deadly Than Car Crashes

Drugs More Deadly Than Car Crashes

We’ve always known that drug abuse can kill, but a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that drug overdoses have surpassed car accidents in the number of deaths each year. That means 100 people die every day from drug overdoses, amounting to nearly 37,500 people in 2009 alone.

Think irresponsible teens are to blame? Wrong, the death rate from drug overdose is highest among adults aged 40 to 50.

Think “street” drugs like cocaine and heroin are to blame? Wrong again, prescription drugs used to treat pain and anxiety, such as Vicodin, Fentanyl, OxyContin and Valium, are the most commonly abused drugs in the U.S., accounting for more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined.

Healing Starts in Drug Rehab

The Ranch, a drug rehab center on a working horse ranch in Nunnelly, Tennessee, has observed a sharp increase in the number of admissions for prescription drug addiction. And though no one struggling with addiction is “lucky,” these people are the fortunate ones who get help before a drug overdose takes away their opportunity for a second chance at life.

For many, prescription drug addiction begins when a painkiller or anti-anxiety medication is prescribed for a legitimate medical reason. Over time, patients require higher doses to get relief, but it is only a matter of time before the “legal” supply runs out. After doctors stop prescribing the medication, the user is left to steal pills from a friend or relative’s medicine cabinet, fraudulently visit multiple doctors for prescriptions, or buy cheaper, more easily accessible drugs like heroin.

Going to drug rehab not only halts the downward spiral that often leads to overdose, but also gives users the tools they need to rebuild their lives. At The Ranch’s Tennessee drug rehab, patients receive comprehensive, highly individualized treatment that promotes healing in mind, body and spirit. Patients at The Ranch participate in intensive therapy, 12-Step meetings and holistic treatments such as yoga, tai chi and art therapy.

In drug rehab at The Ranch, addiction recovery is an active rather than passive experience. Equine therapy is a hallmark of drug rehab treatment at The Ranch, allowing patients to learn about communication and self-care in a hands-on way. Patients also explore their underlying issues on a ropes course or in adventure therapy. The wide range of innovative therapies available at The Ranch ensures an experience that far surpasses other drug rehab centers.

Save a Life – Get Help Today

As the technology behind seatbelts and airbags progresses, the number of traffic fatalities has decreased by over 30 percent in the past three decades. And as science advances, fewer people are dying from various forms of preventative disease – except for addiction.

We know more about the disease of addiction than ever before, yet treatment continues to elude those who need help most. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 23.1 million people need treatment, yet only 2.6 million end up in a drug rehab center like The Ranch.

If you’re abusing prescription drugs, don’t get lured by a false sense of safety. Many drug overdose deaths are accidental. It can be difficult to know how much is too much and the dangers of mixing different types of drugs. You’ve already lost too much to addiction, don’t put your life at risk. Get help today.


We Understand Your Confusion

What type of drug rehab is right for me? Will my loved one stay in treatment long enough to get the benefits of rehab? Will my insurance cover drug rehab?

You have questions. We have answers.

Take some time to review DrugRehab.us and learn about your treatment options. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused, please pick up the phone. Our expert advisers are here to help.

Whether you decide on an outpatient drug treatment program or an inpatient residential drug rehab, you are making a choice to move forward with your life. You are choosing to reclaim your life from drugs and alcohol.