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Prison Term for Rod Blagojevich Could Be Reduced by Drug Rehab Program

Prison Term for Rod Blagojevich Could Be Reduced by Drug Rehab Program

Prison Term for Rod Blagojevich Could Be Reduced by Drug Rehab Program

If former governor Rod Blagojevich wants to cut his current 14-year prison sentence, a federal judge says he must attend a drug rehab program.

James Zagel, U.S. District Judge, gave a recommendation that Blagojevich attend the Residential Drug Abuse Program operated by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, also called RDAP. RDAP assists prison inmates who are working through addictions to drugs or alcohol, but is available to prisoners who meet qualifications.

Whether or not Blagojevich is qualified to be part of the drug rehab program will be a decision made by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. Some reports indicate that an inmate must have a personal history of drug abuse to be eligible for the program, though it is unknown if any history exists for Blagojevich, according to recent news articles.

News reports have said that the recommendation for Blagojevich to attend RDAP came from conversations between the former governor and his probation officer. If he meets the drug rehab program requirements, the program could reduce his jail term by 12 months and allow for entrance to a halfway house. It also would give him the resources to assist him in avoiding a relapse into drug abuse.

Blagojevich could be admitted to Colorado’s Englewood prison, which is one federal prison that offers a rehab program for substance abuse offenders. Only a few federal prisons currently offer the service for drug treatment rehabilitation.


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