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Drug Rehab Programs and Hospitals Have a Challenge When Treating Users of Bath Salts

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Drug Rehab Programs and Hospitals Have a Challenge When Treating Users of Bath Salts

Drug Rehab Programs and Hospitals Have a Challenge When Treating Users of Bath Salts

Bath Salts are presenting quite a challenge for doctors and drug rehab specialists in the Utica, NY area, according to a recent article. Bath salts have only been around since late in 2010 and are presenting some unique situations for drug rehab staff, EMTs and doctors simply because they are so new.

With a sharp increase in use, these synthetics are causing disturbing new territories for those trying to treat users. Police have seen many unusual situations with users resulting in nudity, violence, delusions and sometimes even eating victims.

All of this creates concern for doctors and drug rehab specialists trying to treat patients. There is simply no manual on how to treat bath salt users yet and doctors say it is different from treating other stimulant drugs such as amphetamine, cocaine, LSD or Khat.

Some ER doctors have given a patient 50 times the normal dose of a sedative in order to calm a patient down who is on bath salts. When you are talking 50 mg compared to the normal 1mg treatment that becomes a bit scary for doctors and physicians.

Doctors and ER physicians are seeing large increases in bath salt usage, as are police.

Bath salts contain synthetics that mimic the effects of other stimulant drugs but the proper treatment for bath salt users is still being experimented with. Users are seeing a sort of gap in treatment for them with some being turned away and forced back onto the streets.

One medical director at an ER in Utica says they need places where they can send these patients for drug rehab but there just aren’t any facilities right now to help. He says the only options right now for help are police, EMT’s and emergency rooms.

Drug rehabs are also finding that a number of bath salts users are using other drugs in combination with them.


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