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Drug Abuse and the Revolving Prison Door

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Drug Abuse and the Revolving Prison Door

Drug Abuse and the Revolving Prison Door

The state of Oklahoma has some ironic statistics when it comes to drug penalties and overdoses. While the number of overdoses on prescription pills is at an all-time high, the penalties for possession of a small amount of drugs can result in life sentences for offenders.

A recent article showcases how the state is leading the nation in pain pill addiction and abuse. Some believe that the reason for this is because those types of drugs are so readily available and are easy to obtain.

The main drugs in question are Xanax, Percocet/Oxycontin and Vicodin. These drugs can be prescribed for about any type of pain and seem to be the most popular among those issued by doctors and users.

A spokesperson for a drug and alcohol treatment center does not understand the reasoning behind the high rate of overdose and death in the state of Oklahoma, when the penalties for drug possession are so steep.

He believes what the statistics really show is that prison time is not a deterrent and does not work, effective rehabilitation is better.

One school of thought is that if you just take drug offenders off the street, then that removes the drug problem immediately. That may be the case, but it also is taxing on the prison system.

When there is overcrowding in the jails, drug offenders are often the first to be released, then the drug problem returns back to neighborhoods. Had the individual received some sort of treatment in the process, then the likelihood of returning back to the drug life and encouraging others to do the same would be removed.


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