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Too Much Drinking at Parties Affects Productivity at Work

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Too Much Drinking at Parties Affects Productivity at Work

Too Much Drinking at Parties Affects Productivity at Work

A recent survey suggests that significantly more than half of us have come to work with a hangover on the day following a party, or didn’t bother to show up at all. If we weren’t the ones to do so, the survey said we likely know someone who did.

A recent online news source shared the results from a web-based survey of 2,000 drinking-age adults concerning alcohol use during the holidays. The survey showed that too much alcohol often produces bad party behavior and poor performance at work. Here is some of what they reported:

  • 60 percent felt that alcohol makes festivities more appealing
  • 59 percent said that they witnessed arguments and aggressive behavior at parties resulting from drinking
  • 51 percent said they saw drinkers at parties use profanity to excess
  • 45 percent said they had been forced to listen to inappropriate personal details from a drinker while attending a holiday party
  • 40 percent said they or someone they knew used the season as an excuse to overindulge in alcohol
  • 64 percent said they’d been absent from work after a party due to hangover
  • 61 percent failed to put in a full day of work following a party
  • 54 percent said they showed up at the office but were useless the day after a holiday party
  • 46 percent said they got sick while at work after a holiday celebration

So, we think alcohol makes parties more fun, but what we actually observe is anything but. The same goes for the boss the next day at work.


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