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Crystal Meth Detox May Not Resemble the Flu, But Still Intense and Painful

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Crystal Meth Detox May Not Resemble the Flu, But Still Intense and Painful

Crystal Meth Detox May Not Resemble the Flu, But Still Intense and Painful

Nausea, sweating, fevers, trembling and vomiting or diarrhea – these flu-like symptoms are common for people going through withdrawal from drugs like heroin. While crystal meth detox may not lead to the same type of physical symptoms, crystal meth changes the way the body’s neurotransmitters respond to pain.

When the withdrawal process sets in, a person may experience a set of different – although equally intense – reactions.

Crystal Meth Withdrawal

Crystal meth use causes sharp increases in dopamine levels in the brain, and when the drug is stopped, a person may find themselves in intense depression or a state of numbness, as described in a recent Psychology Today article.

The reward-related actions of dopamine in the brain become accustomed to the surges of pleasure brought on through crystal meth use, and can be described as paralyzed when the crystal meth is stopped.

As the crystal meth detox process progresses, the person’s dopamine levels decline, along with the reality that the crystal meth has caused a drop in the number of actual dopamine receptors. The resulting numbness or inability to respond to things that should bring pleasure can be so severe that many people may experience depression so intense they return to the drug for relief.

Strong periods of sleep and food consumption may also be part of the crystal meth recovery process, as the drug inhibits both the user’s appetite and sleep for long periods. Experts say the process of returning a person’s metabolism to normal can take several months.

A Crystal Meth Detox Center is Recommended When Quitting Meth

While crystal meth withdrawal may not physically resemble the flu-like symptoms of heroin withdrawal, researchers are learning more about the distinct ways crystal meth affects the body and how withdrawal from the drug can be multi-faceted and span several months.

Further research is exploring the ways crystal meth detox can help improve a person’s response to treatments for other drug addictions, when the detox occurs before a person begins other treatment strategies.

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