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Chantix May be a Promising Drug to Help Those Battling Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction

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Chantix May be a Promising Drug to Help Those Battling Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction

Chantix May be a Promising Drug to Help Those Battling Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction

While Chantix has had mixed reviews when it comes to quitting smoking, two studies show that the not-so-popular drug may help kick drug and drinking habits. Varenicline, or Chantix, has been shown to be the most effective product on the market as far as smoking cessation, according to a recent article, but not without consequences.

The FDA has put a warning on the popular prescription drug due to the extremely serious psychological side effects. These side effects include thoughts of suicide, depression and other similar behavior. Compared to other cessation aids like nicotine gum, patches or pills, a recent study showed Chantix users were eight times more likely to experience the negative side effects.

So why would the drug be prescribed to help anyone battle other addictions? Two recent studies show that it is because of Chantix’s strong impact on the brain. The drug activates a particular receptor for neurotrasmitting called acetylcholine.

This is the same way nicotine is able to form an addiction although Chantix is less intense and works by cutting both the cravings and the pleasant reaction.

Two recent studies show positive results in using Chantix in curbing cocaine and alcohol addiction. The first study took 37 cocaine addicts and placed them on a nine week clinical trial.

Researchers were able to see that the participants taking Chantix were half as likely to take cocaine compared to participants given a placebo. The results were obtained using administered urine tests.

The researchers found similar results for those consuming alcohol. While on Chantix, less alcohol was consumed. In effort to further show Chantix’ positive effects, participants were offered money in place of cocaine. Those taking the prescription drug found cocaine held less value than actual money.

In a second study, researchers took 15 participants ranging in moderate to heavy social drinking. Their results were similar to that of the cocaine and Chantix study. Those drinkers taking Chantix found that the alcohol was unpleasant and less enjoyable.

Those taking the prescription drug found themselves drinking less. This correlation was found to be very similar with previous studies showing smokers taking Chantix who found themselves drinking less while on the drug.


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