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Austin Drug Rehab and Treatment

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Austin Drug Rehab and Treatment

Austin Drug Rehab and Treatment

Drug use in Austin, Texas and around the United States is a rising problem. More and more people, especially young people, are experimenting with drugs, in particular prescription painkillers and marijuana. Often those who are using these drugs assume that they are not dangerous in the way that illegal narcotics like cocaine or heroin are. They are mistaken, however, and using these substances can lead to health problems, addiction, and even overdose and death in extreme situations. Although abuse and addiction are on the rise, there are ways to get help. If you are living in Austin with a drug problem, there are places you can go and professionals to whom you can turn to get help coming clean.

Drug Abuse in the US

To understand the extent of the Austin drug use problem, it is essential to look across the country. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) surveys Americans each year to question them about their drug use. In 2011, 23 million people over the age of 12 indicated that they had abused a prescription drug or used an illegal drug in the past month. This represents a significant portion of the population and is a number that is growing. NIDA attributes the growth largely to the increase in use of narcotic painkillers, like Vicodin and oxycodone, as well as the rise in the use of marijuana.

Drug Abuse in Texas

In Texas and Austin, drug abuse is nearly the same as it is across the US. Nearly seven percent of the population of Texas reported using drugs in the past month, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services. As with the rest of the country, the growing abuse of prescription drugs is a huge problem. Additionally, Texas has the distinction of being so close to the Mexican border, across which many illegal drugs make their way into the US.

Rehab in Texas

While drug use may be on the rise, improvements in addiction treatment are as well. In the US at large, and in Austin, rehab facilities are increasing in number and are using newer and more research-based methods for treating the disease that is addiction. With caring treatment from experienced counseling, therapy, medical, and drug addiction professionals, it is possible to beat addiction and to get sober.

In Texas, there are many choices for rehab and treatment; 475 facilities treating drug addiction existed in 2011 across the state and the number is only growing. The types of facilities vary from private to public, profit to non-profit, and residential to outpatient. Each rehab location offers a different assortment of treatments, so that if you require care you can choose from among the options and find a location and a style of care that works best for you.

Getting Help in Austin

Because it is a large city, and the capital of the state, Austin drug rehab centers are plentiful. As you consider your options for care, you have several things to think about. If your addiction is severe and you feel that you simply cannot come clean without maximum support and without a total removal from temptations, you may need a residential facility. These are places in which you stay for weeks or even months as you detox, learn to stay clean, and experience intensive therapy.

On the other hand, you may feel that you need less intense care and that staying home might be better for you. If you feel you can be strong in the face of temptations, an outpatient program may suit your needs. This a great option if you want to continue going to work every day and if you have a strong and supportive set of friends or family members on whom you can lean during your recovery.

Another important consideration as you seek help for your addiction is the cost. If you have health insurance, find out if drug rehab is covered. You may have some coverage, if not complete coverage, that can help you mitigate the costs of a private facility. If you have no insurance, look into rehab centers that are run by the state or local government. You may be able to get help paying for your care if you qualify.


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