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Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Programs in California

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Addiction Treatment Programs and Facilities by State
Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Programs in California

California Rehab Facilities and Drug TreatmentCalifornia is a large state, and is a major port of entry into the United States, both by-sea and through its southern border with Mexico. It is also a large entryway for illicit drugs entering the United States, which led to California developing one of the first epidemics of illicit drug use, as these chemicals became criminalized and popularized for recreational use throughout the 20th Century.

Los Angeles and San Francisco became centers for the use of hallucinogenic, cocaine, heroin, and other illicit drugs during the 1950s and 1960s, and continued to increase until today. With the problem growing out of control, California was one of the first States to begin seeking new treatment options for addicts, innovative programs, continuing addiction studies, and varied types of treatment facilities.

California Behavioral and Addiction Treatment

Offering some of the most varied types of treatment program options seen anywhere in the world, the treatment facilities also range from clinical settings, residential treatment, sober living options, extended long-term addiction treatment, to luxury rehab, corporate rehab, and private rehab options.

Treatment Techniques for Addiction

California uses a larger number of treatment techniques to battle addiction, as it is a large and diverse state. Treatment programs designed to fit personalities, characteristics, experiences and backgrounds are available to be chosen from, as long as you navigate wisely and research all of your options, so you can be sure that the treatment and the addicted individual match together for successful recovery and sobriety.

Areas of Treatment to consider include:

Spiritual Treatment

  • Christian Rehab
  • Spiritual Rehab
  • Holistic Rehab
  • Meditational Treatment Programs
  • Experiential Rehab Treatment

Luxury Treatment

  • Extended Luxury Rehab
  • Business and Corporate Rehab
  • Private Care Treatment
  • Luxury Residential Treatment
  • Luxury Facility Sober Living

California treatment facilities and rehab programs are not closed to residents of the State of California alone, California is one of the leading destinations for those seeking treatment and looking to enter into a residential treatment facility from other States and Countries. California treatment facilities are covering the gamut on the types of drug and alcohol addiction services that are one can find in a single State.

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