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Eminem’s Manager Recalls ‘Horrible’ Period Of Star’s Addiction

Eminem’s Manager Recalls ‘Horrible’ Period Of Star’s Addiction

Eminem’s Manager Recalls ‘Horrible’ Period Of Star’s Addiction

The rapper Eminem, like many Americans, struggled with addiction to prescription medicines, including Vicodin, Valium and Xanax. The original news came as a shock, surfacing in an interview for a documentary film about the drug trade, and now his manager Paul Rosenberg has discussed the difficult period during his addiction in an interview for Billboard. His manager says that he had to get to know the star all over again after his recovery in 2008, but has nothing but positive things to say about his transformation and the direction his career has been traveling in ever since.

Eminem’s Addiction

The star’s addiction to prescription pain pills is a story echoing across the U.S., and—as is true in a terrifyingly large number of cases—it nearly led him to an early grave. In the original interview, he commented that, “They didn’t think I was going to make it. My bottom was going to be death.” It served as a wake-up call to the star, as he’d previously operated under the assumption that he didn’t have a problem because he was taking physician-ordered medications. Like many Americans, he realized that he was wrong and he had to get clean. Although he did relapse, he eventually overcame the habit and set about rebuilding his life.

Interview With Eminem’s Manager Gets Personal

Eminem’s Manager On Star’s Prescription Drug Addiction And Recovery

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Rosenberg is Eminem’s long-term manager, and the Billboard interview largely focused on the efforts related to the star’s new album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” The interviewer broke from the business-related discussions and commented on the personal problems in the rapper’s life. There was no effort to dampen the emotional nature of the period.

“It was horrible,” Rosenberg said. “It was difficult in a lot of ways. It was sad because of his condition and we were worried about his health first and foremost, but beyond that. Trying to keep everything running when you don’t have a partner who is so important to the brand that you’ve built together and he’s just not present and unable to contribute, it’s just … very difficult. But we were definitely most worried about his health and well-being.”

Rosenberg was positive about their personal and professional relationship following Eminem’s recovery, although he acknowledged that he had to deal with a drastic change in his personality. Rosenberg commented, “He’s five years’ sober, so things are a lot different. But it’s not as different now as it was when he first went into recovery. There was a time during that period where I felt like I was sort of meeting him again for the first time.”

Eminem’s Notable Improvement

“It’s been really great,” Rosenberg said. “It was hard to connect with him when he wasn’t present. And now [that] he’s present, he’s a much better partner. I think his art’s a lot better and we have a lot more fun doing it. Our relationship both professionally and as friends is stronger than ever.”

In the answers to two questions, Rosenberg paints a picture of somebody taken away by addiction who returned only after he’d battled his personal demons. After his successful recovery, Eminem showed a notable turnaround in both his talent and the relationship with his manager. Addiction had taken part of him away, and now that he is free of drugs, he appears to be firing on all cylinders again. If Eminem hadn’t made a concerted effort to make a change, Rosenberg may have found himself delivering a heartfelt eulogy instead of rekindling a fading friendship.

Continuing Success On The Horizon For Eminem?

With the rapper sober and writing music again, his future looks bright. His latest album shot to No. 1 in the U.K., making him the first American artist to have seven back-to-back No. 1 albums in the U.K. charts. It seems that Rosenberg wasn’t spouting meaningless hype; Eminem appears to be as popular as ever.

Hope And Recovery Possible From Addiction

The depths of Eminem’s addiction are a stark warning to those abusing prescription medicines, but the end of the story offers hope. There may be times when there appears to be no way out, but if you push yourself and dedicate yourself to getting better, it is entirely possible.

Unencumbered by a reliance on chemicals, Eminem’s personal life and his career are back on the right track, and this is the most important lesson his story teaches. Things really can get better, but the ride isn’t easy.

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