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For a number of years teen use of marijuana had been in decline but a recent study shows that the trend is now tracking in the other direction. Some parents may recall public service ads from 10 to 20 years ago based on the “this is your brain….this is your brain on drugs” tagline. Those ads were the product of a non-profit group named The Partnership at Drugfree.org.

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There are many options for people looking for a drug rehab program. Each patient has their own work schedules and family obligations, and comes in with varying severity of addiction. Some find the intensive daily treatment in residential drug rehab programs the best for them. Others find that outpatient therapy allows them more flexibility for their family and work needs.

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You would think fame and fortune would be enough to make a person happy. That’s not the case for many celebrities.

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Celebrity Russell Brand shares his thoughts in a recent article about a different approach to dealing with those who are caught with illegal drugs. He believes that rather than locking them up in jail, they should be sent to rehabilitation for the addiction.

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A new study reveals that watching just a five minute video may help reverse memories of former drug use with past heroin addicts. It could also help ease cravings and the process is quite simple, says David Epstein with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and co author of the study.

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We Understand Your Confusion

What type of drug rehab is right for me? Will my loved one stay in treatment long enough to get the benefits of rehab? Will my insurance cover drug rehab?

You have questions. We have answers.

Take some time to review DrugRehab.us and learn about your treatment options. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused, please pick up the phone. Our expert advisers are here to help.

Whether you decide on an outpatient drug treatment program or an inpatient residential drug rehab, you are making a choice to move forward with your life. You are choosing to reclaim your life from drugs and alcohol.